Here’s a question or two:

I don’t have to register my religion or apply for a permit to practice my faith. Why do I need to register a gun?

I don’t have to have a permit to carry a sign with my beliefs written, or carry a newspaper. Why do I need one to carry a gun?

I am allowed to voice my opinion through various methods (blog, letter to editor, etc.) with no restrictions. Why can’t I own a variety of ways to defend my home?

The second amendment guarantees my right to own and carry a firearm. In plain English it states shall not be infringed.

There aren’t conditions laid out in this amendment to be able to bear arms. So why do we allow the government the ability to put conditions for us to freely exercise our rights?

It’s time for the madness to end. If you’re a law abiding citizen, there is ZERO excuse to bar your rights.

Stand up for what is yours. Quit letting progressive people dictate what they’ll allow you to do.

We are in charge, not them. We pay their wages, we select if they will have continued employment for us. We have the power.

Do not fear them. Challenge them. Stand up to them. Tell them no when they contradict your rights.


One thought on “Common Sense On Guns

  1. Thumbs up to everything you just said. There is power and strength in numbers and this is no time to be afraid. We must stand up to them now or we may never have another chance.

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