So, stepping away from the gun debate for a minute, I do have a couple questions for Obama supporters.

1. How are you even remotely ok with President Obama violating the 5th & 6th amendments by executing a US citizen via drone strike in Yemen? As well as this man’s 16 year old son? On suspicion (not proof) of terror ties? And when did suspected ties, even if discovered true (in a court of law mind you), become a capital offense?

2. Are you ok with the President signing a law that makes it illegal to rally or protest anywhere there is a Secret Service agent? And that it is a felony to do so? Do you not agree with free speech?

3. Are you ok with even more Bill of Rights violations by his continuance of the USA PATRIOT Act? I remember you screaming it was evil under Bush. What changed? Were you even aware he renewed this in 2010?

4. Why are you ok with taking money away from me to pay for everything else (social programs, et al)? I am not a millionaire, even by Obama’s definition, but I have watched him sign several tax hikes that directly affect my pay and retirement. You are ok with that? Even though I work hard to take care of five kids?

5. Why are you not speaking up against his war mongering? You accused Bush of it for two wars that had Congressional approval, but are silent as Obama sent troops and military action unto Yemen, Libya, Pakistan, and UAE? Why is it ok for him to kill civilians via air strikes?


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