All throughout my timelines on social media, I see people outraged or celebrating their football team.

Well I am outraged right now too. But about REAL life events.

Today American hostages were executed in Algeria by Muslim extremists AND THIS ADMINISTRATION DID NOTHING!

The best the State Department could do was make a statement saying taking hostages was bad.

This is the SECOND time in a few months that Americans were killed while this Obama administration watched on.

He’ll bomb Libya, drone Pakistan, attack Yemen, and send arms to Syria to “promote democracy” and supposedly put al Quaeda on the run.

Yet the very group he says we have decimated, is the same group that just executed AMERICANS!

Where is the media? Where is Code Pink protesting war? Where is the outrage? Will this asshole “president” even acknowledge the tragedy at his inauguration?

You know what America, just go the fuck back to sleep and enjoy your games from Caesar. You’re so blind to the disregard the man has for the people of this country.

I am done defending you sheep. I will only fight with those willing to speak up and fight for their rights. The rest of you will just have to wake up when we are no longer a republic.

I’ve tried but you sheep have failed. Not me.


3 thoughts on “Outraged

  1. Dear Outrage,

    This is so very heartbreaking to hear. I am so saddened and sorry to hear this has happened and I for one understand your outrage and say we americans are just a bunch of sheep. You and all of our troops in the military are in my hearts and prayers, heroes and courageous in my eyes. It is not possible for me to speak for all americans, as I am as frustrated sometimes and fight many evils as much as possible in my little part of the world and do my best to do my part, God willing. Unfortunately, the leaders who are suppose to serve the greater good have only been out for their own selfserving agenda and so many other things I do not agree or support. There was absolutely no excuse!

    In Silent Prayer 🙏

  2. Our President is an atrocity unto himself and he watches and participates in atrocity time and again and no one in Washington does anything. The GOP has turned it’s back on the people.

  3. Totally agree. Fuckin angry every day that such dishonor of our Flag and Country, is allowed to continue. And it does so, because we are awash in people too “comfortable” to stand and say ENOUGH!

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