Throughout the United States, many people have started waking up. They are starting to see exactly what is happening, and they are starting to voice their frustrations.

In a campaign started by MarineVetForFreedom, we assisted the National Association for Gun Rights obtain thousands of signatures, and helped get 2290 letters to Washington DC.

I cannot report numbers on other rallies for Gun Appreciation Day, but 3,000 patriots in Utah braved the 10-15 degree weather and met at the steps of Utah’s capital building to be heard. Waving American flags, and holding signs in support of our natural right to self defense. I saw photos from around the country with much the same. Utah’s rally erupted into a swell of chanting “USA! USA! USA!”

There are also groups standing up for individual liberty. NAGR , NRA, Oathkeepers, the III% militia movement, and so many more.

In Northern Utah we are seeing the activation of Constitutional Action Committees and there has been a civilian defense group activated in case the federal government moves against the people it is meant to protect.

MarineVetForFreedom is also helping grow many of these events and planning several of their own. Things are reaching 1774 status, but we are pushing for peaceful resolution, & it is looking like as more people wake up, we may be able to avoid a civil war.

Let’s keep the momentum going! We can change the course and take back our destiny!

Keep spreading the petitions, commit to resisting ( if you haven’t go to our Plan to Resist page here: and take all actions), and keep you voice.

Thank you all for your dedication.

God bless America!


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