I am actually starting to get irritated at so called patriots. Some of you out there are not doing what you can to help out. I know because I have poured a lot of resources and time into the latest action call.

When I wrote “Plan to Resist” it was meant for you to educate yourself, others, and take direct action.

My internal numbers don’t lie.

Sure there have been just over 7k who took some sort of action (as claimed), but let me break it down:

Over 10 thousand tweets/Retweets. 3k more than declared action takers. And that is just off my tweets. Now, you might say, wow, good numbers. No!

On the petition site, only 600 emails have been sent with just over 200 signers. 700 separate people sent tweets (doesn’t include the fact I’ve driven traffic from other sites).

Quit just posting the article, if you refuse to put your name up. Do not expect someone else to do something you aren’t willing to take five minutes to do. If you aren’t going to take the action necessary, don’t bother posting my article. You aren’t even trying!

This is not the time for summer soldiers or sunshine patriots. In 1776 fifty two men signed a declaration pledging their lives, fortunes & sacred honor. They knew they’d be killed for treason if we lost.

You refuse to take a legal action in your freedom of speech they fought and died for! Five minutes of your time. Five simple dam minutes and the majority are too lazy to sign a petition, send a letter, & spread the word.

When they come for your rights, do not utter one word. And I know who many of you are. I monitor my internals closely. If you are not willing to use your voice now, when you still have the right, what makes you think it’ll matter after it is forcefully taken!?

For the few who stand, you deserve the thanks of everyone who is riding off your actions. May God shine his blessings upon you.

You understand the time for political correctness has ended. You are not fearful of the government, because you know your rights. And know they do not come from the government. That they are inalienable from birth!

Numquam cede, Libertatem aut mors.


11 thoughts on “Sunshine Patriots and Summer Soldiers

  1. Thank you for putting this post up. I have a group on Freedom Connector and I see the same thing all the time. People talk and talk but they aren’t willing to get up and do something or put their name on anything. It amazes me how lax people have become until someday they wake up and realize they are no longer free. Our fore fathers fought and died in unimaginable numbers so we could be free and left our constitution to ensure we stayed that way. Our military has fought and died not only for our freedom but other countries as well. I am one little 100lb woman ready to kick the crap out of anyone that tries to take my freedom or destroy my country. I owe it to those who came before me, people like you and I owe it to my kids and grandkids. People need to WAKE UP AND GET UP. VIVE LA REVAUXLEUXCION.

  2. I too am disappointed at the number of Americans that just have a totally “I dont care” attitude, but enjoy the freedoms this country affords them luxuriously.
    Running a country is like running your household, everybody has to do a little of the work, like dishes, take out the trash etc. We have way to many people that are doing nothing. . .
    This is what we need to change.
    My suggestion is this. If you are a citizen of this great Democratic Republic, you should be mandated to vote. If yo have to vote, you begin to question, “What am I voting for, and you/they become more informed or the process and the issues.
    If you dont want to vote, leave.
    This would fix a major part of the problem real quick. . .

  3. Thank you Leah… You have my name… I would like to think our conservative citizens just don’t know what to do… They need direction.. actions to take… or… they are just scared …or lazy as someone said in a previous blog… or they just don’t care… Or is this a repeat of Hitler… with the citizens trying to stay anonymous so noone will notice them… but it didn’t work then either.. did it?

  4. Yes, we need a swift kick to make us wake up. I get so frustrated and tend to scatter myself too thin. Need to get organized and concentrate on 2-3 groups. Rest assured, my state and federal elected officials hear from me often, very, very often and my contacts are not mundane.
    Im a woman, going from first gun a year ago, to…well, lets say….a most adequate weapon for protection and have no qualms whatsoever about using it on anyone who is a threat to me, my family or my animals. Dont even think about it.
    My dad was a decorated WWII soldier and we can do better than this. Lets not go quietly into the sea like lemmings.
    Vive La Revauxleuxcion (I assume that is revolution)

  5. Craig, Just a FYI… I did not sign the petition as I like to send post cards. The addressee can hold it in their hand and it doesn’t go through the long process of anthrax scanning in the DC post office like a letter. It is written that 1 post card = 1000 constituents. Many others may be doing the work, just not your way. I emailed your web page to many and tweeted it also.
    BTY I searched website and did not see what religion you are.

    1. I am a non denominational Christian, that’s the best I can describe. I don’t have a specific religion but believe Jesus is our savior. Thanks for that action. I understand some have different methods, but overall with the internals, many are only posting, not taking actions

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