After doing much soul searching…and studying…witnessing things that stirred up very bad memories, I can no longer support the “War on Terror.”

I will always be behind the guys out fighting. But our troops should not be engaged in this fight any longer, and our government should be ashamed for the thousands of lives lost (our military casualties and civilians killed in foreign countries). There is much blood on their hands.

Pakistani, Libyan, & Yemeni people, as well as their governments, have not declared war on us, & we did not declare war on them. Yet we have taken military actions against targets in their countries.

I tried debunking several videos of US air strikes, but was unable. Our aircraft dropped th ordinance in densely populated areas.

Who the hell is giving these orders? The ordinance dropped was large enough to kill & wound hundreds, and did so! Four separate videos!

This has got to stop. Unless we are going to follow the US Constitution and issue a formal declaration of war, we should not be targeting jack in those countries.

I am tired of seeing reports of drone and air strikes in countries we have no business in! Our government is allowing unlawful combat that is killing innocent civilians.

I don’t care if a terrorist is located in the area. We cannot attack a country we’re not at war with, and these strikes are killing bystanders!

It’s time for America to withdraw! We can defend our country from home. This preemptive strike bullshit needs to stop. There are better ways.

I have already fought in what has been called an illegitimate war in Iraq. One that we never even intended on winning from top levels, as evident with how it was handled.

No more dammit!

The oath of office includes a part about supporting the Constitution and everyone involved in these strikes is in violation of their oath!


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