Good day patriots. I am going to be asking you to help me with a project I have named Operation Common Sense.

Just like the publication Common Sense written by Thomas Paine help sway the Revolution to bring this nation, we are going to use common sense to fight the progressives in this modern revolution.

First order of business: everyone who reads this needs to buy, print, etc. five copies of the US Constitution. These five copies are to be randomly distributed as you seem fit.

This is going to help facilitate educating the public about what our government should be doing.

On every Constitution you distribute include a recommended reading list. Put books that help out our cause of restoring liberty and limited government.

Some suggestions I have for the reading list are:
*5000 Year Leap
*The Federalist Papers
*George Washington’s Farewell Address
*Cowards by Glenn Beck

Include some of your own!

Stand by for more updates in our fight.

Numquam cede, Libertatem autism mors.


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