The liberal establishments of government and media began to politicize the tragic massacre in Connecticut within hours of the tragedy. Their useful idiots on social media joined the fray calling for stricter gun control measures and gun bans.

I tried to stay out of the debate for a while out of respect for the families. Many conservatives joined me in this calling for prayer to ask the Lord to comfort those affected by the evil actions of a very disturbed individual. I still call for prayer, but am now ready to offer solutions that could help to curtail the violence America has seen in the last few years.

First, it is imperative to understand that we cannot blame the tool used in whatever violence happens. If a firearm is used in a crime, it is not the gun’s doing. A gun cannot load itself, put a round into chamber, aim in on a target, and fire. It requires the operator with the intention to use the device to commit a crime.

Now that I stated my bit on that, I would like to move on with some practical, common sense approaches to hopefully help shed a new light and hope in this dark world we live.

The first real issue I see that could make a world of difference would be to strengthen your family. It wasn’t too long ago that our families were the biggest form of glue holding people together. We have moved into an age where we are now all individuals in our own little world.

Families are no longer spending a lot of time together. They may be under the same roof, but mom is watching her TV show, dad is reading the news on his lap top, junior is on his phone sending tweets, and little miss is texting her friends. And that is the family that is still “together.”

Many families are single parent households, with the parent of that household trying to hold down two jobs to make ends meet. The children in these households either fend for themselves or are raised by an older sibling or baby sitter. Many times the other parent, typically the father, is nowhere to be found, and usually doesn’t pay child support.

There are many other household scenarios, but these two seem to be the most prevalent in today’s America. So what do we do about this breakdown?

If you are finding yourself in the first situation of the family together, but separate, the solution is relatively simple. Unplug! At least one day per week should be spent doing something together, with no electronics allowed. Whether it’s pizza night, game night, mini golf, bowling, or going to a park, the family needs to be in an environment where they can reconnect with each other.

This is the most effective way I have found to strengthen the bonds of my own family. Another thing I suggest is to make time for every person in your family. This works well to be informed on the lives of your family members. What I try to do is have a day every other week with just me and one of my kids. While on our excursions we talk about school, life, goals, etc. I do the same with my wife.

In the second scenario things are more difficult. I was a single dad for about three years. Raising children on your own and paying bills is no simple task. Unfortunately you do have to have a baby sitter. However, once I was off work, my boys became my sole focus. This was the time I would teach them, play with them, read to them, and just be there for them.

I am somewhat lucky because I don’t adhere to a false narrative of lifestyle. I believe that lifestyle has a lot to do with the parents choosing to work multiple jobs or longer hours. I learned early on that life isn’t defined by the stuff I own. I have never had the nicest car, biggest tv, expensive game systems, modern furniture, trendy clothing or fancy meals. I take care of my kids needs and give them my time, not things.

I think if the nation can come together and strengthen their families a large part of the issues will begin to subside. I think that when children aren’t getting the love they need they turn to other sources of false comforts: drugs, gangs, sex, etc.

The next thing I think needs to be addressed is that the same people in liberal circles calling for bans on guns are also the ones supporting Hollywood films where violence, sex, & drugs are seen as exciting, cool ways of life. This is a clear double standard because they are crying out against violence while profiting from it.

Now, I am not saying they don’t have the right to produce movies and tv shows portraying decadence. It all goes back to parental involvement. Far too often I see parents using the television as a baby sitter while they get things done around the house. Very little attention is paid to what the child is watching.

The next thing I wish to address is safety and responsibility with firearms for those of us who carry and own. It is imperative we properly store and handle our firearms at all times. We must also pass this onto our kids.

If the weapon is not in your direct control, it needs to be locked up. This ensures children cannot get into your guns. I lock mine in a safe and use a chamber lock on each firearm.

We must also pass on the four fundamental safety rules onto kids. I have my kids help me clean the guns, teaching them respect for the weapons. While we clean, I go over the rules with them.

1. Treat every weapon as if loaded.
2. Never point it at something you don’t intend to kill.
3. Keep your finger straight and off the trigger til ready to fire.
4. Keep the weapon on safe til ready to fire.

These four rules reinforce the understanding that the tools in their hands are not something to take lightly. That is why I use the word kill, because that is what the gun will do if pointed.

To supplement my children, I also teach morals. I hold my kids to a high standard. I also teach them love, compassion and respect. Three things terribly lacking in society.

These are solutions you can add to your toolbox to help America. These are things you can do. And always remember: no responsible gun owner has ever killed an innocent. Be a responsible gun owner.


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