I have to rant about the focus of this country for a moment. I do Rome comparisons for a reason. We are step for step going the same route.

Over the last couple weeks I have watched the chatter in my networks turn from politics to football.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed playing before being injured, and I love a good game. But, we just lost our country to a man hell bent on destroying America as we know it.

The Romans employed the gladiator games very efficiently when taxation, wars, and misery were high, to keep the people happy. Same with football. Now everything is shifting into that direction to keep Americans entertained.

Wake up and look at what is going on folks! The dollar is about to implode, taxes are about to skyrocket, DHS just ordered more drones for a DOMESTIC fleet, and you all are worried about an injury roster, or tracking stats of your favorite teams/players.

This is what they want you to do! I have no problem if you watch football, but get back in the fight. Our future depends on it. Quit enveloping yourself entirely in the gladiator games.

Keep the mentality of Numquam cede, Libertatem aut mors. We are losing this battle without you fighting.

Please don’t fall for the distractions.


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