I’ve been trying very hard to help people understand exactly how to restore America to a country of principles and constitutionally limited government.

I have been writing on my blog, sharing news, sharing articles, hosting constitution study groups, participating in political action groups, petitioning, and even wrote a book.

In spite of my efforts, people still remain ignorant to what I am talking about, and most of the people I do reach are too self absorbed to take action.

How hard is it to read? How hard is it to sign something?

I have been doing my best to uphold the oath I took when I entered the Marine Corps, but it seems not many understand the level of commitment it takes to help restore America.

They all seem to be looking at an easy fix, & complaining on social media. Why not start actually doing something? Even if you only pick one thing you believe you can help with, do it!

The only way this country survives is with the involvement of its citizens. We must be ready and willing to defend the ideals that make this country great. We cannot allow the status quo to remain.

Our Founding Fathers knew it would require the people staying active and involved in politics in order for the country to succeed as a republic. We need to step it up, or their dream will go the way of the Roman Empire.

Please join me in the fight!

Numquam cede, Libertatem aut mors.

-Craig Bowden


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