Alright. So it seems lots of Republicans are getting on the amnesty bandwagon in the attempt to boost their standing among Hispanics. This is not the way to handle the immigration problems in this country (and as a side note, we need to all stop looking at the group demographics and instead look at what is best for this nation; we’re all Americans, so no need to use a hyphen to divide us).

So what can we do to curtail the problem? Well friends, there is no quick fix answer.

I do not claim to be the most knowledgeable person, but in taking a common sense approach, I believe my plan very well could work.

1. Close and protect our borders. It goes without saying that with both borders being as open and insecure as they are, we cannot stop the flow of people coming in.

So what needs to be done, with regard to the border, is to first allow our border agents and states enforce the laws. This isn’t a hard tasking and should be done immediately. Secondly, we need to erect a solid wall, with multiple barriers. More sensors, more fencing, and more boots on the ground. Lastly, we need to allow our agents to be able to have access to the full length of the border (there are “protected” wildlife areas where much of the traffic happened).

2. Full prosecution of employers hiring illegal. The government needs to make it so appealing, that employers would end up stopping the hiring.

In with this, we should also require businesses to use social security verification. This should no longer be a voluntary program. All workers in this country must be able to be legally verified.

3. I do not believe that we should just up and deport illegal. What I would do is to allow one of two options: you can apply for citizenship and move to the back of the line, or leave. If the person chooses to apply, they will be given a temporary tax ID to have income tax removed from pay. They would not be allowed access to our welfare system, however, until they become citizens.

This would allow for families to stay together.

4. I believe in a couple options to boost your chances and speed up the path to citizenship: either having critical skills needed to help grow America (science, engineering, etc.) or becoming a member of the United States Armed Forces. In fact, after two years service or if operationally deployed, I believe that non-citizens should be sworn in as citizens at that point.

So there you have it. My common sense approach. That is what I have thought of, and I welcome other ideas. Hopefully I can bring this sort of plan into the United States.

God Bless.


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