We need to attack, and attack hard. The mainstream media is part of the problem in this country. One of the guys I support on Twitter has a plan to starve the beast by going after MSM sponsors.

Send them messages that you will not support their business until they pull their ads from MSM networks.

Just Google them to find their emails, PR office numbers, complaint departments, etc. Then back it up by not buying their products.

The American people deserve truth and not a media that promotes progressive ideologies. It is one thing for a political pundit to favor a party and offer opinion. It is another to assist in protecting an administration and other political figures by actively suppressing the truth.

Also stop watching their networks if you haven’t done so already.

I am also throwing Hollywood liberals under the bus too. Directors, actors, etc. We’ll starve them too.

So, to do my part, as they come in I will add to this page for your use.

Bank of America
Oral B
Campbell Soup
Dick’s Sporting Goods
Buffalo Wild Wings
Ben & Jerry’s

General Electric

George Clooney
Spike Lee
Steven Spielberg
Michael Moore
Scarlett Johanson
Beyonce Knowles
Jay Z
Jennifer Anniston
Matt Damon
Jackie Chan
Whoopi Goldberg
Kelly Clarkson
Jim Carey
Tina Fey
Alec Baldwin
Will Ferrell
Snoop Dogg
Jay Mohr
Jamie Foxx


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