Folks. I am broken. I have given seventeen years of my life defending this nation’s constitution. Today I have nothing more to really give. I watched as millions of people reelected a socialist. I literally wept last night and have continued all through the day. I cannot defend you anymore.

Last night this country spit on my eight years in the Marine Corps and twenty three men I served with who were killed.

I keep hearing radio hosts, famous bloggers, etc. say we need to keep pressing. We need to have hope. It’s easier for them because they are sitting ok. Hell, their profits and viewership should be great for them the next few years.

But I don’t have that luxury of a few million bucks.

I was laid off several months ago. The business I tried to start tanked. I am nearly out of unemployment benefits and cannot find work. (the work that is available, I cannot do because of injuries sustained in combat). I can’t relocate to find work without giving up custody of my boys. Tried writing a book, but no one cares what I have to say.

I also refuse government aid, though I’ve been forced to get food stamps now to feed my kids more than minute rice or ramen noodles.

So what do I do? If I leave, my two sons go without a dad. So you tell me! Tell me the fight isn’t over! I have nothing left!

I sold my guns, tools, furniture, tv, movies, books … I have no assets. And you dare to fucking ask me for donations to help rebuild or reorganize! You dare to tell me there’s a fight ahead, while you sit in clothing that costs almost as much as I make in a month! At this point, I’m fighting for my life. For my kids to have a roof, heat, and education. Fuck your little motivational speeches.

Come live in my shoes. I gave up everything to help this country. Who listened. How about you all refund my money for believing you’d help me fight? Since July I donated and campaigned. You promised it would help. And now, you tell me it wasn’t enough?

I watched things not even stay the same. They got worse!

What am I supposed to do?


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