July 4th, 1776 is a day Americans only claim to know in this modern age. We celebrate the United States declaring itself independent of British rule, but we have forgotten why we fought for freedom ibm the first place. We have forgotten the liberties many courageous men and women fought and died to secure and preserve.

In today’s world many people think of rights as free healthcare, birth control, a house, etc. We have forgotten so much the true liberties granted us. Our rights do not include free things from the government.

As an avid student of American history and the founding of our nation, I have been able to see the growing tyranny in Washington DC. I have watched individual liberties stripped away for “security.” I have seen the punishing taxes on our people.

The Declaration of Independence says that we should never move to abolish a government for light or transient causes. I am here today telling you that what the elites on Capital Hill are doing are not light or transient.

The representatives in Washington have, for the last hundred years, been usurping the power granted the states and the people. They have forgotten or ignored the enumerated powers granted the federal government.

We have only just begun to wake up to the realization. Most people still have no idea what is going on. Others are too afraid to stand against the government. And some have been bought off with free goodies. Finally, many are too apathetic and will not research or listen.

For too long the American people have suffered the abuses of power from DC. For too long we have allowed the two party system pit neighbors against each other. We have become loyal to these parties and each puts out candidates that only advance the control of that party and not what ends up best for the nation.

It is time we all wake up and see what is going on. The massive spending, endless debt, liberty disappearance, and pushes for power need to end. This only happens if we work together and fight against these incursions on our God given rights.

We need to take a long, hard look at the words of our Founding Fathers. It’s time to read the Declaration. It’s time to go over the Constitution. It’s imperative to read their writings in works like The Federalist Papers, Common Sense, and Washington’s Farewell Address.
It’s our turn to preserve liberty for future generations. It is our duty. We cannot fail or else we risk the bonds of slavery. We are nearly to the point of needing a new declaration to abolish this tyranny.

We must act before it’s too late and we are forced on a path we cannot afford to be on. It is up to you. It is up to the people. We the people. May God be with us.


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