I cannot continue defending something that doesn’t exist anymore. The America I thought I knew is gone. The Constitution I swore to defend has been declared null and void by the very government created by those pages!

After I cast my ballot on Tuesday, and I wait for the results, I am going to start preparing to start building a new America. The one that our Founders envisioned. The ideals of liberty.

I cannot defend anyone in government. Republicans, Democrats. It doesn’t matter any more. They are both corrupt. They have killed our country.

There are people I know, who like me, stand ready to start over. We are ready to roll our sleeves and work to create. We are ready to defend the Constitution in spite of the government. We are ready to govern ourselves.

I don’t have the funding thanks to the failure of our government to allow for growth. But if we can band together and work, we can grow without Washington elites.

Are you willing to join this coalition? To be free again? Are you going to help do the hard work? Are you going to help build upon our principles again?

If you are fine with the decadence from our “leaders” then go and accept your hand outs and scraps from the elitist table. If you’re not ok with it and want real change, join me in Utah.

I know with help, the group I’m with will start bringing the America we learned about in school. It’s more time to reject the status quo and remove ourselves from this oppressive government.

I will be writing a new declaration with help from other people who stand with our Constitution and believe in limited government and individual liberty.

It’s our time. It’s our right. I am afraid it’s time to abolish this form of government. And this will not be a light or transient cause.

Please join me. We need people of all talents. You will be the difference.


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