I am going to break my tradition here of trying not to be crude. I am infuriated at the shit coming in about Benghazi, and I need to express as is, because I feel it represents the sentiments around the country right now.


First off: Mrs. Clinton. You are an ignorant, lying bitch.. You ignore the basic, most fundamental rights of free speech, by stating you would apprehend the man who made the video. What the fuck is wrong with you? We know you watched the live video from a UAV. We know about the reports and emails. We know this was a terrorist attack. You lied and implicated man that had nothing to do with the attack.


Now on to everything else.

Who the hell denied the requests, from CIA operatived, for assistance three dam times! Unsatisfied with what the administration is saying. This is fucking bullshit! Thank God we had a hero willing to ignore orders, a former SEAL named Tyrone Woods, who helped save thirty Americans.


That was a gutsy call. Knowing he could possibly die, he went on anyway. But why was he being told to stand down in the first place? Who the hell was giving orders?


Special Forces, including Delta Force, Marines, air support, and CIA teams were all ready to go assist. Who the hell told them to stand down? Why were there denials of support from an AC 130 gunship, hovering above a lazed target?

Why in the hell is the Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, saying there wasn’t enough god dammed intelligence to move in, when there was constant communications coming from ground source; two unmanned drones watching; emails; and cables coming in?

Why do we have Jay Carney, Ambassador Susan Rice, President Obama, and Hillary Clinton lying for weeks? Who is going to take responsibility for the fucking disaster? When will the American people get answers?


President Obama continued making matters worse calling four dead Americans just bumps in the road. Disgusting! How dare a person claiming to be the leader of this country act so callous towards a tragic event like this! Especially one that could have been avoided!

I am disgusted. Not only was there some negligence, but actual DENIALS for needed help! This whole administration is full of incompetence and must be held accountable.

We must start pushing representatives to investigate and stop worrying about their elections. The American people demand answers. This is unacceptable!


And every ass kissing, beauracratic excuse of a commander needs to be fired for not coming forward. I don’t care about your promotion. Americans don’t care about your career. We car about you young your dam job and keeping American citizens safe!


One thought on “Who Let This Happen? Benghazi

  1. I absolutely agree. Benghazi is a coverup and I have contacted my U.S. Senator (former Naval Intelligence Officer) about what happened. This is a terrible conspiracy and the main stream media is complicit in not following the story or even reporting the truth. Four brave men were left to die while President Obama was making plans to go to Las Vegas.

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