Oh Miss Cutter, why are you pushing something so untrue? I’m sorry, but Benghazi is an issue because a terrorist attack left four Americans dead. You may not think it’s a big issue, but the American people at large are very concerned about this issue.

We are worried, not only for the families of those killed, but our country’s general lack of response from the administration.

We are left wondering why did this happen? Why were there apologies, instead of measured response? Why was a video blamed? Why weren’t Marines present? Why were requests for security denied? Why are our questions not neing answered?

The American people know what happened without having the need to attend daily security briefings. We all,know it was a terror attack. We just wish your president would be honest and tell us. We don’t want to hear it’s still being investigated, when we know a UAV was streaming events live in the final hours.

This isn’t an issue brought up by Romney or Ryan just for political reasoning. This is something concerning millions of our people. We want answers!


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