Taking a break from the political to address complainers.

-Stop whining about politics you don’t agree with. I have my voice finally. Couldn’t use it in the military. Enjoy the fact you got to have an opinion, because I couldn’t.

-Stop telling me you’re tired. In Iraq, I slept three hour averages. I still get up in spite of insomnia and get to business.

-Stop whining about being poor. I am laid off, have to keep fighting the system glitches, & am disabled. I still take care of my bills.

-Stop complaining about kids. I’m currently fighting to see mine. Ex wife wants supervised visitation for me based on my war service.

-Stop complaining about bills. Everyone has them. I find ways to decrease my costs.

-Don’t you dare complain to me about working. I’m disabled and can’t do many jobs, but would if they’d hire me.

The end. Shut up. Nut uo. Become an adult.


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