Last night Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan squared off for the Vice Presidential debate, the only one that is to happen before the election in November. I’d like to give my two cents on what I saw, from the perspective of a US Marine.

First, I just want to say, if you or a loved one serve in the military, I would be terrified to reelect the Obama/Biden ticket. Vice President Joe Biden confirmed one of a few possibilities last night about the Obama Administration in regards to to foreign policy.

(1) He stated that neither he, nor the President, knew of the requests for additional security in Benghazi, leading up to the attack that happened. This is telling of one of two possibilities: (a) he is telling the truth and they weren’t keeping tabs on a pet project of Obama’s in Libya, meaning they found the fact the region hasn’t stabilized and had known al Qaeda presence (showing lack of caring, or disregard) ;or (b) he is lying about the issue all together, which is also a likely scenario, especially seeing as the President receives daily security briefs.

(2) Joe Biden’s callousness and laughing about our economy, abortion, joblessness, American deaths, etc. show how little the Obama Administration thinks of issues that concern most American citizens. I don’t know about everyone else, but the safety, stability, and sanctity of our rights do concern me, and this man found something funny about it all.

(3) Mr. Biden’s response toward Iran and stating the Administration will know if Iran gets nuclear arms capability should also disturb you. The reason you should be concerned is because earlier in the debate, Joe had been throwing the intelligence committee under the bus. So which are you going to believe? Either the intelligence agencies are good, or they’re not. You can’t say in one breathe intelligence resources suck, and in the next say you can rely on them for something else.

The way Vice President Biden acted was far beneath the dignity of the office he holds. He was inappropriate, callous, and in most cases, dam near manic. To think that such madness is only a heartbeat from being the leader of the free world is gravely disturbing.

What I saw from Congressman Ryan was a statesman ready to lead if required. There was resolve, even temperament, and a sense of self-worth. A man of principles wanting to help his country get back to greatness.

The “moderator,” if you dare call her that, was one of the lowest portions of the debate. She allowed her liberal bias and agenda shine through. She is why I cannot watch news anymore. She and her cronies in the mainstream media outlets have forgotten what being objective means.

I wish Ryan would have hit back on,a few moments, but I will compliment him on keeping calm, and trying to deliver a message about a path to restore America. Biden only attempted to defend a record, offering nothing for a better tomorrow.

My analysis of the debate is that Biden isolated Independents, women, and elderly voters. Ryan helped reaffirm Romney’s plan, but not massive momentum gains, although may have gained some Catholics due to his statements about his faith. And finally, the moderator secured herself fifteen minutes of fame among her liberal-media elitist friends.

Hopefully you will get out and vote, regardless of your stance. Without casting your ballot, you effectively lose your voice in America.

God bless.


2 thoughts on “Biden vs. Ryan, A Marine’s Take

  1. Reblogged this on DogWalksMan Blog and commented:
    I had to reblog this. Since the Obama Administration is trying to shut the military out of the vote, I thought, why not at least give them a voice here.

  2. the “rules of engagement” dreamed up by desk jockeys in Obama college professor counselors are killing too many of our military. If we are in battle, we don’t need to micro manage the battle field decisions of military under attack by academic desk jockeys safe back home.

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