What will it take to save America? Our liberties, our greatness, our very way of life? What can we do? These are questions I have heard time & time again. The answer is not McDonalds drive-thru quick, but it is possible. Many across this country are already taking necessary steps to accomplish The long term goal of The restoration of America.

After years spent in the trenches of letters-to-the-editor, blogging, campaigning for various candidates, talk radio, all in the defense of The United States Constitution, I think I finally have somewhat of a road map to actually assist in this.

1. Change Yourself

It goes without saying, that before you can truly affect a change to your surroundings, you must first change yourself. It’s time to start living by  principles that make America strong: integrity, charity, strong work ethics, hard work, etc.

2. Strengthen Your Family
Before we can change a country, we must work on strengthening the bonds of the family. This can be done in a multiple ways, there is no real right or wrong.

My family does a family night once a week, eat as a family, talk about school, keep everyone involved in planning, share The chores, and so much more. We do it together. It’s time you do too.

3. Educate Yourself and Your Family

It’s time to pick up a book and read. Read everything of an educational nature. Science, math, politics, etc. The only way we as a people are going to bring ourselves from The brink will be to become our best selves.

I’ve also hit several times on The failures of The public education system. It is up to you to make sure your children are prepared for life. The state is only interested in the indoctrination of America’s youth.

These are three simple things you can do. The fact is, this country will not change unless we do. And it won’t matter who is in office.

If you want to know more, I go in great depth in a book I wrote called Common Sense: How to Restore America. You can find it on amazon.com.

God bless.


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