I really felt obligated to write about this topic, because I have had the opportunity to see Sharia Law firsthand, and I felt I needed to give my very real perspective of why we cannot have Sharia in America.

First, let’s start with my own story, and then I’d like to go through our Bill of Rights, and explain using their own words to show how they clash.

My story is simple. In Iraq, there was a classic story. On of boy meets girl, girl likes guy, dad sees girl & boy, dad takes girl, brothers slit boy’s throat, community publicly stones girl.

The young man in the story was an 18 year old Iraqi soldier, the girl was I believe 16. She had been betrothed to another man, and her father didn’t like what he saw.

Honor killing ensued, and because the girl had no witnesses to say she didn’t cheat on her “beloved,” she was executed.

Doesn’t that freedom just sound wonderful? It was so disturbing this happened. Two young people killed for a conversation. This is Sharia. This is what the Islamic extremists want on US soil.

So lets go through the Constitution a little bit:

Freedom of religion: nope. Islam or die. Convert to anything else, die.

Freedom of Speech: women have no right to speak, and speaking against Islam is capital offense.

Freedom to petition for redress: no. Islamic law is the rule. No other way. Follow or be killed.

Freedom of press: sure, as long as you say nothing contrary to Islam, Mohamed, or clerics. Otherwise you die. And you only have access to approved media sources.

Keep and bear: not unless you are security, police or military.

No quartering of soldiers: Islamic state chooses and will enforce Sharia at will, using military force.

Guard against unlawful searches: they make whatever arbitrary laws they feel advances Islam.

Right to trial: unless it’s an honor killing. Oh, and forget about a fair one if you’re female. Four witnesses to prove rape.

Cruel/unusual punishment: they cut off limbs, stone, behead, point blank shoot, etc.

The list goes on. You have to fight Sharia at all costs, or risk death. They will stop at nothing to kill you.

Stay frosty.


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