This isn’t a complete list by any stretch. President Barack Obama, needs to go, and here’s why I’m not voting for him, and frankly, why no American should either.

-He claims he didn’t know about the security situation in Benghazi.

-He has not kept one single promise he made to the American people.

-He has operated the government with trillion dollar deficits his whole presidency.

-His plan to ensure Americans are insured actually creates a situation where 20 million will lose their providers.

-Health insurance premiums have risen about $2,000 per family.

-Under his watch the national debt has risen 6 trillion dollars.

-He offers no plan to better the situation economically in America, using only “fair share” rhetoric.

-He plans on continuing the massive borrow & spend recklessly.

-Not even House or Senate Democrats like his budget.

-He’s gutting $716 billion from medicare to pay for Obamacare.

-He wants to continue to send money to our enemies in the middle east.

-He rarely attends security briefings, which results in American deaths

-He has signed more than HALF of all Executive Orders since the country first began.

-He didn’t meet with his Job Counsel helping to propagate 43 straight months of unemployment over the 8% mark, more than the last ten presidents COMBINED. Many having two terms in office.

-He finds time to meet celebrities, but fails to meet with world leaders THAT ARE ALLIED WITH US.

-He takes lavish vacations, while preaching hard times and tightening our pocketbooks.

-He has spent more time on the back nine and campaigning, than his time with security advisors or jobs/economic advisors.

-He has refused more drilling permits than ANY three presidents combined.

-He has become one of the largest threats to religious freedom and freedom of speech ever known. Speaking of tolerating Islam and not slandering the prophet Mohammad.

-His choices for advisors include socialists, eugenics believers, Marxists, thugs, and believers of the global warming hoax (list goes on, but that is a few types).

-He authorized $90 BILLION go to green energy companies that failed.

-For all his “stimulus” ranting, we are barely where we started in the unemployment rate from when he took office.

-He blames deficits on the wars, but on closer inspection, less than 1/8th of deficit spending was due to Iraq.

-He has not rendered respect to our flag on more than one occasion.

-He plans on downsizing military strength (including 17,000 Marines), which will weaken our ability to defend our interests both home and abroad.

-He wants Americans to pay more for gas, electricity, etc.

-He wants to initiate tax increases on anyone making more than 250k a year, when those are the job creators.

-He’s stated he wants veterans to pay for their own health care when they’re wounded sine they volunteered.

-He wants to have the government nationalize all industry like the government did with the Big Three auto bailout, essentially giving the government control over ALL aspects of business practice.

-He aims to disarm law abiding, American citizens.

-He wants to keep our borders open and have amnesty for illegal aliens.

-He granted executive privilege to Eric Holder during an investigation of Fast & Furious, made notorious for one of our brave border agents being killed by a weapon they lost track og, due to complete and utter negligence.

I can go on more, and if you’d like a private discussion of the ineptness of this president, I’d be more than happy to discuss this. Also, everything I’ve said is fact and can be backed with source material.

Make no mistake, if Obama is reelected, our country will go the way of Rome. Vote common sense, not this incompetent amateur.


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