I can’t sleep yet again. So in my inebriated, sleep-deprived state I find myself doing what I normally do. Ranting.

I’m so fed up with the liberal ideology, especially when it comes to Barack Hussein Obama and his blatant disregard for the oath he swore in January 2009.

I’m a little old school I suppose, but I grew up in a community where a hand shake stood as an unbreakable vontract, and my father taught me that honor is one of the most important things a man can ever have.

On July 2, 2002 I took an oath. This oath was to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. The president takes a very similar oath.

To me, that oath is my life. There is no disclaimer saying when you feel like it or defend when it fits your agenda. No part of this oath states that you mold the words to fit an ideology. It says DEFEND that document.

Obama has ignored his, so here I am tonight upholding mine.

Obama is a domestic enemy to the Constitution. He and his buddies like Pelosi and Reid are acting outside the Constitution, and as such, must be removed from office, whether through voting them out or by the orders given in the Constitution for their immediate impeachment and removal from office.

Let facts be known of several of their countless violations, and usurpations of rights granted the free people of this nation:

They have enacted legislation contrary to our first amendment rights.

(1) Freedom of religion: they have allowed and called for the removal of our holy symbols, though the amendment clearly states they “shall make no law.”

(2) Freedom of the press: the administration, under direction of key members, has made threats to polling organizations in order to make their candidate, the incumbent president, appear to be doing better as an attempt to discourage the people from voting our conscience.

(3) Freedom to peacefully assemble and petition a redress of grievances: 22 Christians were arrested for prayer near the White House. Other incidents have occuref, but this is the most recent.

The government under this administration has been moving against our rights to keep and bear arms, using a foreign agreement with the United Nations, not ratified by our Senate.

The President has created numerous offices not of our choosing nor with the people’s Representatives permission, and has sent the enforcers of regulations he alone supposes, to cripple our people and destroy their ability to have a free market.

They have legislated powers and laws outside of the enumerated powers granted them by the people. Included with this are 139 executive orders creating laws by the Executive of this country, far beyond powers granted the president by our Constitution.

These usurpers must be stopped. This is but a short summary of violations to their oath.

We as a people can no longer tolerate this disregard for our highest law, our Constitution, which itself is in tune with a Higher power of Natural Law, and Nature’s God.

We have been humbly beseeching the government to hear our pleas, but they have fallen on deaf ears. As such, we have abdicated to a Higher authority, and will be using our force through voting to ensure our Futures are secured and Liberties safeguarded.

We have taken the oath for our Constitution, and we will see to it that our rights will be secured.

Numquam cede, Libertatem aut mors. 

The American People.


One thought on “An Oath

  1. Absolutely agree. Once a Marine Always a Marine. There are no such things as X-Marines. If you consider yourself as an X Please consider yourself Not a Marine in my PRESENTS

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