I wanted to take a moment and thank God for the blessings in my life before I go on.

Caleb, Conner, Kenzie, Brandon, & Evan: you make me so happy being a dad! Liz, you make me whole.

My life is not perfect. Many times it’s been a struggle. I am a man, and as such, am flawed. But I love my life, though simple it may be. It is my life, and I am blessed to share this with,my wife, two sons, two step sons, and a daughter.

The government is trying to tell you what their idea is for just what you need to be happy: cell phones, home ownership, equal pay, a car, mediocrity in a job, etc.

Well let me tell you about my life. I am very happy. But I am,not happy because of anything fancy.

I don’t own a big screen TV (don’t own a TV at all). I don’t own a sports car, but my mini van does the job to carry my family. I don’t have fancy clothes, but I feel great donating clothes to the poor who really need them. I’ll stick with my 5 dollar shirts so others can be clothed.

I only get to take my wife out once or twice a month. But we have a great relationship because we do charity together, and do simple things to show love & appreciation.

I do not have a six figure income, but the bills are paid. I’m not a NY Times bestseller, but I feel a success because I got to share my book with the world.

I don’t have a multi-billion dollar corporation, but I love making my own hours and slowly watching my business grow. I don’t take my kids to Disneyland, but my boys don’t notice because we go on our own adventures to parks, outdoors, etc.

All sorts of people out there have such a “give me” attitude and think that getting stuff will make them happy. You are allowed to pursue happiness, but don’t let someone else (government, Hollywood, etc.) tell you what you should pursue.

We are free, and get to choose our destiny. My pursuit happened to be a family. One full of love. I am fulfilling my dream. My second pursuit was being my own boss. Slowly this unravels too.

What is your pursuit?


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