Twenty three United States Marines, heroes, fathers, brothers, sons died fighting Islamic extremists in Iraq. They were my friends. They ARE American heroes.

Yet this sad excuse of a president wants to pander to the violence I fought along side of those twenty three.

Here’s my message to you Obama:

You are a weak excuse of a man. Twelve of those Marines I either held while they died or picked up their still bodies.

We fought to protect our country from the sorts of evil YOU invite into the White House my countrymen pay for.

You apologize for our actions? WE are the  reason a pathetic worm like you could weasel his way into a political position. If it weren’t for the men you betray, you’d have no freedom here.

You disgust me, and spit on the graves of over five thousand Marines, sailors, airmen, and soldiers who have paid for freedom with THEIR PATRIOT BLOOD!

I will not sit quietly while you lie to my people. You are a treasonous snake, and I will do everything in my power to make sure you are evicted and take no more liberty from my country.

I declare you an enemy of America. You have aided terrorists and embolden them with your words. You are the domestic enemy I swore to fight.

You are a perverter of my Constitution. You have soiled what my flag represents, and you will be held accountable.

I am putting you, along with any other defilers of liberty, on notice. I will NEVER rest. I will NEVER be silent. I will uphold the oath you NEVER meant.

This is my country. My friends died that we would be free. They are my brothers, and I will never forget their sacrifice.

I swear on my sacred honor as a United States Marine I will stand for liberty and justice. I am called Marine Vet for Freedom for a reason.

We are awake. We will be heard. Your wishes for America to fall will not happen, so long as I draw breath.

November 6th you will see America rise and declare a second independence from your tyranny! You will not kill our country!

Numquam cede, Libertatem aut mors,
Craig Bowden


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