Why is it that accurate, unbiased reporting has fallen to the wayside? Journalism is supposed to be about objectively informing people, not putting spin on a story or, in some cases, altering the truth intentionally to fit some sort of agenda.

It has been left up to the bloggers, talk radio hosts, and non-affiliated networks to report reality.

You have MSNBC actually doctoring tapes to fit their love for Obama agenda.

During a recent Romney/Ryan rally in Ohio, Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan was speaking to introduce Governor Mitt Romney.

As Mr. Romney took the stage, the crowd began chanting “Romney, Romney, Romney!” The former governor cut the crowd off and got them chanting “Romney, Ryan. Romney, Ryan” instead.

MSNBC correspondents wasted no time doctoring and spinning the media on this one. They made it look as if the crowd were chanting for Paul Ryan, and Mr. Romney was making sure to include himself.

They attempted to make Romney look like he was self-aggrandizing and taking the limelight away from his running mate.

This old Marine is not fooled, and you shouldn’t be either. Mr. Romney did a superb job making sure the crowd understood they are a team, working together, and deflected attention back to his VP pick. That shows so much humility on the part of Romney, and is a breath of fresh air from the holier-than-thou, pompous, arrogance that comes from the sitting president.

I hate to say it, but I truly believe we are losing televised news. They have become puppets in the liberal propaganda machine. They can’t be trusted to tell the truth. Stalin would be proud of CBS, NBC, CNN and ABC.

It’s time to stop listening to their garbage and start paying attention to values in politics. We cannot get an honest report  especially in politics.

Educate yourselves America. It’s the only way we’ll survive.


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