The Obama Administration is Hell bent on taking away one of our most fundamental liberties: free speech. His recent comments made during a UN speech make this apparent.


He is willing to sacrifice our freedoms to appease radical Islamists. Even to this day he refuses to acknowledge The rioting in The Middle East, specifically Libya, was associated with terrorism as an anniversary to The attacks on 9/11.

He has been peddling some stupid video as the cause for the violence. We all agree The movie is moronic. It was a clearly low-budget, piece of crap; The guy who made it is an idiot.

So let him show how stupid he is. There’s no need to apologize. By apologizing, you give creedence to The maker’s stupidity. Get a grip Mr President.

And The future is for EVERY freedom loving American. If someone is going to show themselves to be stupid, I say let them do it. When you act stupidly, you don’t sway anyone to your side.

The movie may have been offensive, but violence should not be excused for an opinion. And I do not see Christians carrying RPGs, rifles, or mortars to protest the “piss Christ.”

We have the right to speak. We will speak. And the future belongs to us because we will choose to stand up for our rights. No opinion is greater than another.

Numquam cede, Libertatem aut mors.

God be with us.


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