So, there was a nice quote about President Obama from good old Barbara Streisand. A perfect example of a Hollywood elitist, who doesn’t have a clue about anything.


She actually has the gall to say that Obama is somehow “fiscally responsible.” Now, I know that as conservatives, we can understand the words written and spoken about fiscal responsibility, and we know the president is a massive failure.

Unfortunately, I forgot my crayons, so a graphic showing deficit spending should do the trick for our liberally challenged friends out there.


Please note that the chart included the years President Bush was in office. Now, I by no means give old Dubya a pass for deficit spending, because there is a good amount.

But you see with the pretty colors just how much more was spent under Barry. Now the reason I chose a chart that included the war in Iraq is simple: a lot of Dems like Barbara like to claim the massive deficits were caused by the war.

Now note also that these figures are from the Office of Budget Management (OBM). This is a NONPARTISAN BODY!

I rest my case about BHO being a horrible spender. Oh, did I mention the 6 trillion dollars of the 16 are under Obama? Nearly one third of ALL the nation’s debt under his watch.

Fiscally responsible? I think not Miss Streisand. Perhaps you should go to an economics class. You May learn this thing called math, and Obama’s doesn’t add up.

Keep up the fight and let’s get this guy out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!



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