Ok. So this is going to be a rant. Even I get emotions at times. And right now this Marine is fuming. This message is for Obama from a pissed off Jarhead.

Mr. President,

You see this piece of garbage pictured below:


This is a spit in the face of every person who wore a uniform to fight and die for the flag you and your campaign buddies just desecrated. You are narcissistic filth and do not deserve the title commander in chief.

You dare to place your socialist image on the flag that stands for individual liberty?! How dare you.

How many men and women died to preserve what our flag represents? You are a disgrace to this nation, and will be the WORST president in American history. This is reprehensible and disgusting.

This is not the first time you held utter disdain for my flag. How many times have you not placed your hand over your heart to honor the symbol that represents our country’s greatness and principles?


You are a variable plethora of disease bearing antipathy. I suppose at least now you have a flag your arrogant self will stand to honor.

I cannot wait to help vote you out of office. The American people I fought for deserve better out of their president. You are worthless.

Enjoy your move in January you vile betrayer of America.

Craig Bowden. Formerly serving Sergeant of Marines & one angry combat veteran.


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