There has been an utter failing of the State Department and the Obama administration when it comes to foreign policy in the Middle East. The arrogance displayed by Mr. Obama is nearly unparalleled.

This man thought that by apologizing to Islamic countries, somehow the people in those countries would begin to like America. This is so far from the truth, as has been demonstrated through the violence, anti-American protests, and brutal attacks in over twenty of these countries.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, President Obama, and many ambassadors are clueless to the fact that appeasement does not work against such an extreme ideology believe by radical Islamists. They will sit there and apologize for American free speech, condemn a man for exercising it, and what ends up as a result? An emboldened enemy of freedom and fundamental human rights.

When you show the lack of a back bone, your enemies will strike.

Let me relate something to you from my own experiences while combating extremists on the battle fronts of Iraq.

I served with 2nd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, part of Regimental Combat Team 7. On my first deployment we were doing Security and Stability Operations (SASO) in the cities of Haditha, Baghdaddi, & al Hit. I also participated in Operation Vigilant Resolve (first battle of Fallujah) and Operation Ripper Sweep. My second deployment was largely spent in Fallujah and Zidon.

One of the first things I noticed was how hard we got hit in the first month of our deployment. They tested our resolve EVERY time. This happened to many of my brothers in other combat units as well.

Now, I was lucky. My unit did not mess around. We fought and fought hard. Whenever there was an attack, we brought the fight straight to the doorstep every time. It wasn’t long before the insurgents in our areas of operation learned the best they could do in combatting us was with indirect fire attacks (rockets, mortars, rpgs) or the infamous roadside bombs.

They found out the spine the War Dogs of 2/7. We were actively seeking enemies. We constantly moved among the populace. We were also very upfront in assisting the repair of infrastructure and ensuring stability.

In contrast, we had neighboring units that were far less aggressive. They paid dearly for their attempts to only attempt appeasement. At on,point, my platoon was sent as reinforcement to an Army unit (their callsigns and operating area will not be named to protect the young men who had no other choice due to incompetent leadership).

We were sent there because the higher echelons of leadership were focusing less on engaging the enemy, and more on helping win hearts and minds. While I agree the mission in Iraq was two-fold (helping the civilians AND routing insurgents), the command here was primarily focused on sweet talking.

Nearly every time we got into an engagement with enemy fighters, the commanders would chastise us and apologize to local sheikhs (many of whom were to be found involved in extremist groups fighting coalition forces). Every time an apology was delivered, the call to prayers consisted of calling for more jihad.

They new the command was weak, and they took advantage of reprimanded squad not being able to patrol. This left other squads without backup and cost many brave American lives.

This President is doing the same thing! When there is a weakness known, it is exploited. Simple rule of warfare and we ARE at war to,protect the American way of life. These extremists are dead set on the destruction of America, the institution of Sharia Law as a means to govern the world, and they’ll stop at nothing to ensure this will happen. Liberty IS at stake.

It is time for America to be strong again. We need to send a clear message to these radicals that their actions do carry steep consequences. We need to cut off ALL aid to regimes that support these radicals, and if necessary to protect American lives, send in our brave men and women of the Armed Forces to hand deliver the message of American strength.

This is not a game. Lives have been lost. It’s time we had leadership in this country that is unafraid to stand up for the American people.

Please pray that this imposter, this betrayer of his people is defeated, and make sure you are doing your part to pit words to action.

May God continue to smile and bless these United States.

Numquam cede, Libertatem aut mors.


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