Ok. Elephant in the room. Islam is a problem. I am not saying individual Muslims are; I know several that are outstanding people. However, the extremists will not stop until America and Israel are destroyed. The moderate Muslims want Sharia Law around the globe, directly contradicting liberty. They do not approve of freedom of speech, freedom to exercise your faith (aim is convert or die), women have no rights what-so-ever. The list goes on.

I spent nearly eight years of my life fighting the most extreme end of Islam while deployed to the battlefields of Iraq. I watched them indiscriminately fire at my men, despite the presence of women and children. I saw a young boy, maybe seven years old, torn to pieces by a mortar round while he played soccer.

I watch a suicide bomber in a vehicle kill 56 civilians (didn’t target us, but the market place). I was hit with two road side bombs, a hand grenade, and a mortar. 23 of my close friends were killed. These “men” drug themselves up to the point where it takes twenty eight rounds to kill them, because they don’t want to die without killing an American.

I have directed raids where we disrupted terror cells, seizing intelligence of more US attacks on civilian targets. Recently, we have seen our flags being burned, embassies protested, four Americans killed, two embassies overrun, and an US ambassador sodomized before being murdered.

This is who we fight. And they will not negotiate. The will not stop. We have to stand against them, or we will DIE! We will either roll over and take it, or we will destroy them.

Those are the conditions they have given us. There are no alternatives. President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton both offer nothing but apologies for America being what it is: a free nation.

They try to accommodate these Islamofacists of the Muslim Brotherhood. They try sending them money to keep them on our side, but time and time again, these people have shown that pacifism from America will not work. It’s time Obama learn that in order for there to be peace in that region, we must be strong. We cannot tolerate the kinds of violence and blatant human rights violations. It’s time he realize ALL AID MUST BE STOPPED.

We cannot send money to a country that harbors and condones this terroristic behavior. We cannot have weakness from our President in the face of this clear and present danger. It’s time to show American resolve, and from the looks of it, Obama is not the man to show that resolve. Times like these make me wish men like Marine General Mattis in charge.


We need men like him. We need intestinal fortitude, not a bowing apologizer.

Mitt Romney is sounding more and more presidential as the campaign goes along. He looks like he’ll be the man to stand for America. This current president has spent his time hosting extravagant parties, campaigning, golfing, and vacationing.

He has ignored the reality of the Middle East, and Americans are dying because of this president’s lack of a basic understanding of foreign policy.

God be with us and see us through to November. We need His help and comfort.

Numquam cede, Libertatem aut mors.


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