So, the ACA has a provision in it to cover the adult children of parents until the age of twenty-six on insurance. I am baffled by this, and for good reason. See, I happen to believe in personal responsibility. Call me old fashioned all you want, but by twenty-six years of age you should have your life together. At least on a path.

I’m only 27, and I have a pretty good idea where I’m headed. At 18 I started in the Marine Corps, served proudly. In between deployments to Iraq and training I would take educational courses to CLEP out of college classes. By the time I was done with my nearly 8 years of service, I almost finished a BSAD and finished all my generals for college.

I have been using the GI Bill to finish my BSAD, B.S. in Criminal Justice, and Associate of Political Science.

All the time spent in school I have also worked while maintaining health insurance for myself and children. I also started my own business.

All this before 26. It’s time to stop holding hands and coddling my generation. It isn’t helping. Does it suck to not have medical indurance, sure. But you can go get it on your own and stop relying on someone to take care of you.

Grow a pair, man up, and rise above your situation. Quit blaming your circumstamces.and go for life. I’m tired of watching grown ass men act like cry babies. Get a job, get insured, and cut the umbilical.

We shouldn’t have the government pass legislation because you aren’t looking to apply yourself.

I’m 27. I have five kids, my own business, will have an MBA, worked since I was 11 years old, and you whine about things being unfair. The pursuit of happiness doesn’t always come easily, but it’s in your hands.

Government reliance is not the answer.

Numquam cede, Libertatem aut mors.


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