I do find it ironically fitting that the United States national debt tops 16 trillion dollars the same day the Democrat National Convention opens, especially considering the man at the helm, Barack Hussein Obama.

Under Mr. Obama’s brilliant leadership we have managed to add 5 trillion to the number in less than four years. This wonderful milestone is testament to his great job listening to his economic advisors. And man can that guy get a superb budget proposal, receiving absolutely zero votes in either house of Congress.

Where did our great leader send all that money? Well, first his own salary while spending time vacationing, campaigning, & golfing (close to 600 days worth of his first term). Who else has a job with that much vacation & off time?

$1.5 billion was sent to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, known terrorists that call for an Islamic Caliphate across the globe, destruction of the holy land of Israel, and the institution of Sharia Law to supplant the America Constitution.

$800 billion to failed banks for faulty business practices with another multi-billion dollar bailout going to auto manufacturers.

$500 million to failed Solyndra, who happened to be good old buddies to Barack, and contributed to his campaign.

Additional money going to that good old stimulus that clearly worked so well (23 million Americans without shovel ready jobs).

It’s absurd. This spending, big government, solve everything with taxpayer money mentality has to end! Responsible government is what we need, and part of that is saying bye, bye Barack.

Cue Donald Trump, because this guy needs a great bug “you’re fired.”
Numquam cede, Libertatem aut mors.


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