Today sparked another Tea Party rally through social media. For those who participated, you know what I’m talking about. Empty chair day has been trending all day, slamming Obama for being absent for nearly half his presidency golfing, campaigning, vacationing, etc.

I’ve been participating via Twitter on my handle CraigBowden2020. Throughout my day I’ve found “Obama” campaigning for votes in my state of Utah (since his chair is always empty here).

The one picture I loved was one from LA amid some of the hurricane Isaac aftermath. That pretty much sums up Mr. Obama, missing in action.

Today made me think of how many times he’s been absent from his duties as POTUS. He’s not taking a stand against Iran, he’s absent jobs counsel meetings, he missing the medal of honor inaugural ball, he hasn’t been there with a budget, been missing as our troops returning home, hasn’t been there to write personal letters to families of fallen heroes, missed out on a memorial day service.

In total, he has missed out on around 600 days in office serving his own selfish interests vacationing, holding lavish parties, campaigning, golfing, not getting up til about 10 a.m., and of course swinging his 9 iron.

The day isn’t over, so I look forward to more humor in the truth of it all. Might I suggest taking one near your gas station showing the results of his absence towards energy policy.

Numquam cede, Libertatem aut mors.


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