President Obama and his cronies have been saying that we cannot return to conservative ideas. They are too outdated, like our Constitution, they claim. So let’s talk about the antiquity of our principles for a moment.

Lower taxes. Our country went without income taxes for nearly 200 years. Right now America has one of the worst tax systems in the world. Our tax code is over 80k pages in length, without one person able to fully comprehend the whole thing.

We want simple rates, say 15% across the board. Mr. Obama says everyone should pay their fair share and I agree. That’s why the 48% of people who pay nothing at all will help with bearing the load.

This brings me into my second point where having these tax rates would force the government to restrain itself in spending. We are tired of going into debt and not having a budget passed. Our government is acting like a child in a toy store with mom and dad’s credit card.

This means cutting redundant programs and reforming programs to Work more efficiently. It means not allowing certain privileges to some states while the rest of America is stuck with the bill. It means cutting a lot of useless offices and government jobs due to redundancy. It means balancing the budget to protect America’s future generations.

We are also asking for border security, and allowing laws on the border to be enforced. This is to protect our national identity and sovereignty. We cannot afford to continue on a path of allowing illegals into our country. This means strict adherence to the laws.

I find it absurd that we can spend billions of dollars on the national endowment of the arts, measuring homosexual penis sizes, bailing out companies for failed business practices, and foreign aid to countries that hate us, but we can’t build a wall? That’s ludicrous!

We ask that our government officials adhere themselves to the enumerated powers in the Constitution. If they really feel a need to add more for whatever reason, the Constitution provides a way for amendments to be made. Sure the process is arduous; it was intended to be that way to limit the size of our government.

We ask that charity not be forced on us through taxes. Americans have generally been a charitable people, willing to help our neighbors when they fall on hard times. How did we survive before all the taxes? By empowering and building up one another.

We ask that our religions be respected. There is a lot of preaching coming from the government about not offending others. So they restrict our first amendment rights to openly worship as Christians, but allow special privileges for Muslims and Atheists. They say we are the offensive ones, but we aren’t the ones banning God. We’re the ones being offended!

We just want America to be great, and be proud of our greatness. We love our baseball, apple pie, muscle cars, and having the freedom to pursue our own level of happiness. All we really want is the government out of our lives. We want life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, rights endowed by our Creator that are being tread upon by the progressives.

We want to fly our flag proudly, hold our hands over our hearts during our national anthem, raise our families in a country of opportunity. If this is outdated, the what is America?

Don’t tread on me.
Numquam cede, Libertatem aut mors.


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