Folks, I need to have a moment of honesty. I’ve been struggling for several months now, and I want you to know a little about the man behind Marine Vet for Freedom.

This story is not to ask for your pity. I seek no handout. The only thing I will ask you to do is pray. Pray for me and all servicemen and women who are still fighting a battle even though they are no longer in a war.

I served nearly eight years in the US Marine Corps as a machine gunner, scout, and team leader. I exited honorably, and strived to do my best to uphold the values instilled in me.

I have been fighting an ongoing battle with post traumatic stress disorder, and it has been manifesting itself hard for the last four months. I have been teetering on the edge for a while.

The two tours, and loss of 23 friends has been killing me. I have a feeling this is part of why I was one chosen to be laid off of Work, though I am not the junior on the totem.

Most days are filled with anxiety and anger, the nights with nightmares and tears.

Somehow I have managed to stay away from the bottle, as I will always be a recovering alcoholic.

This is what many of us go through. I personally haven’t seen combat for nearly seven Years, my last tour of Iraq ending January 2006. I still hear the sounds, smell the powder, feel the terror, and see the faces of my friends.

I bear very few scars that can be seen, but my heart is scarred deeply, and so is my soul. Many people see me and wonder why I am disabled. Why so many appointments. My own family questions.

Recognize this, if you are a family member to a veteran: not every wound can be seen. If you are a vet, remember you are not alone.

I have been getting help. Marines are stubborn so it did take me years and an intervention before I bit the pride bullet and started the process. I know I will never fully recover, but I also know it’ll be worse if I don’t fight with allies and tools meant to help.

If you or someone you know is struggling, please seek help before it is too late. Some of the battle will push to lows never seen. I’ve been in that darkness, and it is Hell.

Again, I am not seeking pity. But please do pray for us in the battle after the war.

God bless

d bless.image


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