Governor Mitt Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan for Vice President is a glimmer of hope for conservatives. While neither ate my personal choices for a ticket, I think this will at least start plugging the holes made by progressives in our country.

I know that many of you out there are worried about Mr Romney, and I have my reservations with him too. But his choice of Congressman Ryan shows Mitt’s dedication to fixing the fiscal mess a century of progressives made.

I also believe that with Senators like Mike Lee from Utah, and Ted Cruz from Texas, there will be enough constitutionally sound Conservatives to keep things in check and make way for more conservative, American values to make their way into Capital Hill in future elections.

We just need to get as many socialists out as we can, get the Romney/Ryan team in the White House, and the framework will be there to restore America to its greatness.

We also must pledge to not cut any of these guys slack. We will have to keep them in line and stay just as active as we have been with the current administration. Just because Republicans take majorities again, does not mean we’re in the clear. Thomas Jefferson said it best when he stated, “the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.”

Let’s get this done folks, for America’s future.

Numquam cede, Libertatem aut mors.


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