How do I defend this nation, when more and more I see the Constitution burned and my flag spit on. When the people who are considered heroes are basketball stars, and the troops forgotten by so many.

Too many times have I watched the laziness consume my people. I pray for hearts to be softened, petition, write representatives, do service for others, educate, and for what?

There is hope. Hope that we can change our course. Hope that one life is changed. Hope, though only a glimmer, still shines for America.

There is faith. Faith in our Lord to see us through. Faith my family will somehow make it. Faith in our nation’s finest to do the right thing.

My honor. To our country, my oath, my family…

I fight because there is no other path. I would rather die proud in my convictions on my own feet that live on my knees.

I pledged my honor to defend what this country.stands for, and what she should be.

My path is not for the weak. Often I walk it alone. My heart is heavy.and full of sorrow because of what I see. One man standing for truth and honor. My voice is America’s. Who will stand?? Who has the courage to do what is right?

I wonder if I’m alone on this path. God moves me to do this, and I will obey.

Numquam cede. Libertatem aut mors. God bless and be with you if you choose to join me. God help those who wish for tyranny.


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