I have been offline and unplugged over the last several days. The reason was to keep my family. There are things that happen in life that can cause your whole world to change. Me being human, there were things I’d been doing that helped create a horrible situation that nearly broke apart the greatest thing I have in this world.

I chose this to talk about today, because even if you are greatly successful in all other areas of your life, they will mean nothing if you fail in the home.

As a divorcee with children, I can attest to the fact of my own failures in the home. While some of my focus was noble in nature (providing defense for the United States in the Marine Corps), I was neglectful of many responsibilities with my family. Ultimately, it cost me a wife and half.a year, every year, with my boys.

There were some repeats of similar mistakes, that started drivin my Elizabeth away with my daughter and step sons in tow. I had to fight tooth and nail to show my blinders were removed and recognized the areas of failure on my part.

Lucky for me, I ended up saving my family at the end of the day, but day one of the strife, one looking at the situation wouldn’t see that as a possibility.

I am asking you out there to take stock in the life you are giving your families. Are you too self absorbed to be able to give your family what they really need? Your love and time?

The family is the core of what makes us great as a nation. We must have strong family values, so that we can have a strong, principe centered country. This is the only way. We must be strong before our nation can ever become great again.


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