Like many of you, I have become disenfranchised with the Republican establishment. I have watched the slow decay of leaders compromising with liberal agendas, ultimately doing little more than slowing down a sinking ship. Like many of you I am screaming for a true statesman to step up, make hard decisions, and represent the true spirit that embodies the American spirit.

My main gripes today are with Senator John McCain, Governor Mitt Romney, and whoever chose the speakers for the convention.

Let’s start with old Johnny. While I applaud his service in Vietnam, and the fortitude he had as a prisoner of war, I cannot stand his tiptoe on eggshells, double sided manner in which he chooses to represent himself.

Recently, he openly lambasted and condemned the actions of Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann for in inquiries into the ties of Muslim Brotherhood connections in the State Department, which is well within her scope on the National Security Board in the House of Representatives. And her inquiry was valid and should have been asked since there are legitimate concerns.

Last I checked, Republicans were on the same team, and were supposed to be the conservative voice in Washington. Why is this RINO defending the Muslim Brotherhood? An organization with terrorist affiliations, hell bent on implementing Sharia Law, and instituting an Islamic Caliphate around the globe.  Make no mistake, the Islamofacists of the Muslim Brotherhood have stated this as their goal. This “conservative” McCain had a sit down with these supporters of terror and injustice, and now supports them through his actions.

He is one of the main reasons I have such a problem with the establishment GOP. There is also the fact that while he slams Congresswoman Bachmann for doing her job, he allows Senator Harry Reid openly slander the Republican candidate Mitt Romney. Where is the outcry Johnny? He’s not even a member of your party, but you allow him to call Mr. Romney a felon on the Senate floor! Get your priorities in order. May as well just call yourself a Democrat Senator McCain.

Now speaking of Governor Romney, where are your balls? Did you suddenly become a little sister? You need to be aggressive in the campaign and hit President Obama back. You need to control the tempo and language of the debate. This president has given you a silver platter, where you can stay honest, but hit him hard.

We’re watching you Mr. Romney, and we want a real leader. Someone with guts. Prove to us you are the man America should have at its helm. We don’t want another disappointment like McCain. We want you to be bold.

Finally, whoever is in charge of organizing the convention needs a swift kick where the sun doesn’t shine. Where the hell are the super stars of the party? We need the Bachmanns, the Sarah Palins. We need to have true conservatives, not progressive RINOs as speakers. We need to energize the conservatives, not put them to sleep with the tired old song and dance!

The only reason I’m still voting Republican this year is because we haven’t quite gotten the support for a real candidate. But mark my words, times are changing. So all members of the Grand Old Party take notice, change and be what America needs, or we’ll throw you out with the Democrats and elect real leadership. This is the last time I vote someone in your party that isn’t a Constitutional conservative.

Numquam cede, Libertatem aut mors.


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