I ask you today to think for a moment and ask yourself if there is any lingering doubt that Barack Obama and his progressives must be defeated. It is absurd anyone still believes in his rhetoric. Let’s stick with facts, and the record.

Government spun numbers are still above 8% on unemployment. And we know just how wonderful government is at doing math. By this time, the stimulus, according to Mr. Obama, should have been about 5.6%. So either he’s not smart, lied, or incompetent. None of which are good for America.

Barack Obama and his progressives are using tragedies like Aurora, CO and the Sikh temple shootings to advance  their anti-gun agenda, but no mention is made about shootings in LA or Chicago on a daily basis. They are not trying to decrease violence, but disarm America and take away a most fundamental right to defend one’s self.

Fast and Furious endangered American citizens. This resulted in the death of Agent Brian Terry, and countless others. When members of Congress finally stepped up to do their job, Mr. Obama invoked Executive Privilege to protect his crony and enforcer, Eric Holder.

Mr. Obama repeatedly legislates through Executive Orders, which directly violate the Constitution of this country, since laws are supposed to passed in Congress, then executed with his signature and direction.

Mr. Obama’s signature piece of legislation, commonly referred to as Obamacare, places the single largest tax increase on Americans in the history of the United States. This bill also will cause prices of everything to increase, from bread to fuel. So not only will we pay more for medical care via “tax,” bit we will pay in other ways too.

Final point I’d like to make about Barry Sotero is that he still has refused to be the transparent President he promised to be. He refuses to release records, while calling on others to do so. There are doubts cast as to the eligibility of him to even be POTUS.

These are but a few examples, I have thousands, of why this man must be removed from office this November. When you go to the polls on voting day, ask yourself if we can continue the massive deficit spending and trillions more in debt.

Fight! Stand now. Educate othets. Band together, an let’s together send a message that we are not submitting our lives, our children’s futures, to a would be dictator. Pledge your sacred honor as our Founding Fathers did, and move to limit the power of government.

Numquam cede, Libertatem aut mors.


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