I will give some credit to President Barack Obama; he did after all say that we cannot continue doing what we have been for the last couple years. Granted he is referring to the republicans and their strategy of lowerng taxes. As well as deregulation to help business grow.

What he cannot seem to comprehend is that his policies of raising taxes is detrimental to the growth of the American economy. This is why don’t we have had such a fight and rise of the tea party in recent times.

I am proud to call myself a member of the tea party movement. I am proud to say that I am taking a stand for the constitution in order to limit the size of government in lower taxes. Millions of americans have been joining us because of what the government has been doing to this nation.

We are coming together because we believe that a conservative, fiscally responsible government thing necessary to protect the rights and liberties of each and every American citizen.

We have been joined a great men like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and many others across this country speaking out and standing together as American citizens. We have been seeing a large increase on twitter, on blogs, and there’s the rise of FreedomWorks in popularity.

We have watched as tea party patriots have thrown off the shackles of the establishment from the GOP and risen to new heights,  electing men like Ted Cruz out of Texas.

We have seen the participation in the volunteers of restoring love throughout this nation, saying that we will not submit to the government ideals and regulations. We have decided and declared as one voice that we will not let our rights go. We have stated that we will continue to follow the constitution of the United States that we will not listen to does not wish to strip our rights away for some “common good”.

We really do believe that our rights are endowed to us by our creator and tht among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We are no different than our patriot founding fathers,  stamding against an oppression from Great Britain, only now we stand against our own government, which is the nearly as to tyrannical as Great Britain was during the revolutionary times.

We are the reason why America will continue to prosper. The tea party will stand with values, with principles, and with character. W are rising, and this november we will stand again and we will defeat the progressive agenda.


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