Make no mistake my friends. In spite of the  comments made by the current Commander in Chief of Iran not being a real threat because it’s a “tiny” country, Iran is probably the most dangerous regime in the Middle East.

There stated goal has been to wipe our ally Israel from the face of the earth. And as Muslim Brotherhood extremists continue to gain influence in the region, Iran is becoming more and more emboldened, especially due to the weakness of President Obama.

I know the extent of the threat Islamofacists hold. I spent eight years of time in the United States Marine Corps, as an infantryman. I saw many innocent lives killed by these sorts of extremists. I fought extremists and have seen the extent they will go to enact violence and terror to control a people.

I served in and around the city of Falluja. I have seen the Iranian supplied weapons. I have bit hit multiple times by improvised explosive devices by men who wish to spread evil and fear as their means to their vile ends.

We need to have a strong stance against any who wish to spread terror, especially Iran. Right now they see us as weak, and having no backbone. They are calling President Obama’s and the State.Department’s bluff.

We need to send a strong message to Iran and all other countries, that the United States of America will not be shaken; that our resolve is strong; and we stand by our friends in Israel.

We need to place them on notice that America will not wait for a dangerous regime commit the acts of terror they openly acknowledge they will do to Israel.

This is a legitimate threat to the world. It’s time to wake up America. It’s time to actually be a leader Mr. president. We cannot let the wolves in the gate.

Please pray that we will have the fortitude to stand firm against evil, because that is the means to Iran’s ends.

Numquam cede, Libertatem aut mors


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