Last night was fairly eventful in my world of debating, explaining, and writing about policy in the United States.  To give you a little background: I have been writing letters-to-the-editor since I was eleven years old, and have been attacked by people on each letter, blog, debate, etc. that I have ever participated.  Every time I have heard retort from a liberal on something I wrote, I have gotten one of only a few responses.

1) Baseless attacks.  The liberals will sit there and send attacks that mean absolutely nothing to the issues at hand.  I have been called a baby killer supporter for defending the second amendment (even though the same liberal supports abortion that actually kills babies).  They do this all the time, and nearly every time an attack comes from unofficial channels, there will be cursing, name-calling, and disgusting language used.

2) Baiting.  Liberals are really good at the bait trap to try to get you to slip up on what you are saying.  They ask specific questions that are intended to get you to seem like you are somehow a monster.  A good example was an idea I posted that those who are on welfare benefits should not have the right to vote, since they continually vote in people who will keep expanding the benefits.  The liberal I debated made me out to me a unAmerican monster for saying that I was trying to take voting rights away based on an income limit. 

3) Twisting words.  Liberals have a very unique skill to take something you say, and squeeze out the most interesting interpretations.  It was quite shocking when I first saw this happening to me, but it happens every time. They don’t see your context, or use your words in a misguided manner. 

4) Changing to multiple issues.  When a liberal realizes they cannot come up with a legitimate counter argument, many times, they will merely attempt to change the subject.  They key here when this happens is keep things on topic.  If they change, answer the question and move right back to the issue at hand.

5)Threats.  This one is hilarious.  For the peaceful, loving, all for humanity and harmony people, they are some of the most violent.  I have been threatened more times than I can count.  Everything from simple assault threats to death threats.  It doesn’t bother me, because I believe in the second amendment and will be ready to defend myself if necessary, but they will threaten you when you hit the issue in a more articulated manner or use more logic than they can handle.

6) Run away.  The last thing they will do is run away from the debate.  If they can’t argue, they will usually try to make it seem like you are just too ignorant for their superior minds, and hence, will end the argument.  In reality, they are giving up because they do not have anything to defend their stance.  Especially when faced with overwhelming evidence against their position.

So when you debate a liberal, be prepared for this.  It is going to happen to you.  Just keep your cool and stick to the truth, use your evidence, and don’t let them get under your skin.  Eventually they will lose the validity to their issue by using one of these reaction.

In the many years I have been doing this, I have only had two civil, full on discussions with someone of a liberal standing, so what I have told you today is the norm for most liberals.  It is sad, but true.  Most are guided by emotions and as such fly off the handle easily.  Logic, truth, and evidence will win every time.

God Bless.

Numquam cede. Libertatem aut mors.


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