Brothers, sisters. Patriots of this wonderful country. We are truly blessed by our Lord to live here and in these days. We are blessed as a nation because of our belief in God.

Last night I was able to watch history unfold. I wanted to share with you the level of the Spirit I felt last night, as I listened to the “I have a dream speech” of this generation.

Last night was the Restoring Love event in Dallas, Texas. As Mr. Glenn Beck took the stage and begin to speak, I was moved to tears. These words spoken were coming from God.

Mr. Beck spoke of the real America. I felt my heart rejoice as he continued throughout his speech. The truth of his words and the sincerity behind them are what Americans everywhere should hear.

This was not about conservative or liberal, republican or democrat. This was God’s message of love and charity.

As a pastor I have learned that God’s word comes in many forms and last night I testify to you, that was God’s work. The fact I cried hearing this is unusual for me.

Long before I thought of serving through ministry, I was serving in tje United States Marines. I am a two-time, hardened, combat veteran. When I heard the message of restoring love in America, my heart was softened and I cried.

We must take the message of service to each other and apply them daily. This is God’s wish. He so loved us that he sent his son to atone for us upon the cross. We must show love enough for each other in respect of His love.

Jesus said “As I have loved you, love one another. By this shall men know, ye are my disciples. If ye have loved, one to another.”

We will do this because we all wish to serve for the good of man. We are a great people and will demonstrate this in our lives. This was God’s calling to act.

The Lord has heard our prayers for our country, and He sent His reply last night through Mr. Beck. Hearken unto the words! Faith, hope and charity are how we will restore and rebuild America.

This is our hour. This is our time to rise to the challenge our patriot forefathers left for us! The road is before you! Walk wirh God down it. Open your heart and take the steps. God is with us and wants America to sieze her Destiny!

You must do this. I must do this. And together we will build a better nation and leave our children a great legacy.

May God bless Mr. Beck for having the courage to say what was needed. May God continue to bless and smile on our nation.

I say these things before you, testifying in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ.



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