Ok. I agree that the shooting in Colorado was horrific, and it never should have happened.  I hope that this evil man who shot those innocent people will get the full extent of the law.  That being said, I am now going to do what I always seem to do, counter the leftist attacks trying to use a crisis to take away another fundamental freedom of American citizens.

Mayor Doomberg and the Hollywood elites, with the help of the liberal news media, have already started blaming the Tea Party and gun control not being effective as the reasons for the tragedy taking place in Aurora.  Let me explain something to you, it was not that weapon that killed 12 people and injured 59.  It was an evil man, pulling the trigger that murdered those people.

Stating that the gun is the reason people died is the same as saying matches cause arson, or automobiles cause accidents.  It is the operator of the device that did something inconceivable to the normal, rational human.  It was ?Mr. Holmes that committed the atrocity, not his choice of how we would kill.

I am also sick and tired of hearing everyone calling the weapon used an assault weapon/rifle.  Granted, this time a rifle of the liberal’s “assault” category was used this time, but that is not what these guns are most often used for.  Your average gun owner who has an SKS, AK 47, or AR 15 uses the gun for target practice and sport shooting.  The most accurate term for the rifle is a sport rifle.

Quit falling for the liberal trap of political correctness.  Don’t use their language.  Calling this gun an assault rifle is the same as calling people crossing our borders illegally as undocumented workers.  Do not use the language they define.  I own one of these rifles, and I do not commit assaults with them, I go sporting.

We need to be strong in our resolve to not using the language the left uses.  assault rifle sounds scary….sporting rifle does not.  Help educate people by ceasing the use of their language.

That’s my two cents today.
God Bless.

Numquam cede, Libertatem aut mors.


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