I wanted to take a moment and let you know where I stand on the issues of sanctity of life.  To explain why I believe all this, I have been a Christian Pastor for several years, and a prayer leader for my men in Iraq.  I believe that we must protect life, and not wastefully cast it aside for “women’s rights.”

The Declaration of Independence states:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”.

The Preamble of the Constitution states a purpose of the Constitution to be to:

“secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity”.

I affirm the unalienable right of Life to be secured by our Constitution “to ourselves and our Posterity“. Our posterity includes children born and future generations yet unborn. Any legalization of the termination of innocent life of the born or unborn is a direct violation of their unalienable right to life.  They will also never be able to have liberty or the pursuits of happiness.

The pre-born child, whose life begins at fertilization, is a human being created in God’s image. The first duty of the law is to prevent the shedding of innocent blood. It is, therefore, the duty of all civil governments to secure and to safeguard the lives of the pre-born.  Just look at the fact that the tiny life has a heartbeat, moves, and starts to think and favor voices (evident once they are born).

To that end, the Constitution of these United States was ordained and established for “ourselves and our posterity.” Under no circumstances should the federal government fund or otherwise support any state or local government or any organization or entity, foreign or domestic, which advocates, encourages or participates in the practice of abortion. We also oppose the distribution and use of all abortifacients.  If you sleep with someone, you take the risks associated with it, including pregnancy.

No government should legalize the taking of the unalienable right to life without justification (and a baby getting in the way of a career is not a justification for the death of an innocent child), including the life of the pre-born; abortion should not be declared lawful by any institution of state or local government – legislative, judicial, or executive. The right to life should not be made dependent upon a vote of a majority of any legislative body.  You made the choice to sleep with someone, and just because it is inconvenient for you, does not mean that you get to kill a child that deserves to have life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

If scientists can determine that new life has been discovered in a remote area of this planet, even when it is a single-celled microbe, and further declare that due to its rarity, this life must be protected, we must extend this to the life developing the womb.

If PETA activists can protest the killing of animal life and try to create and influence laws for “protecting life” how is it we can ignore the life in the mother?

In addition, Article IV of the Constitution guarantees to each state a republican form of government. Therefore, although a Supreme Court opinion is binding on the parties to the controversy as to the particulars of the case, it is not a political rule for the nation. Roe v. Wade is an illegitimate usurpation of authority, contrary to the law of the nation’s Charter and Constitution. It must be resisted by all civil government officials, federal, state, and local, and by all branches of the government – legislative, executive, and judicial.

In office, I will only appoint to the federal judiciary, and to other positions of federal authority, qualified individuals who publicly acknowledge and commit themselves to the legal personhood of the pre-born child. In addition, I will do all that is within my power to encourage federal, state, and local government officials to protect the sanctity of the life of the pre-born through legislation, executive action, and judicial enforcement of the laws of this land.

I condemn the misuse of federal laws against pro-life demonstrators, and strongly urge the repeal of the FACE Acts as an unconstitutional expansion of federal power into areas reserved to the states or people by the Tenth Amendment.

Finally, I also oppose all government “legalization” of euthanasia, infanticide and suicide.


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