Folks, I am telling you right now, that if you ever plan to associate with me, you had better be honest in what you do.  I lost a trusted friend today because she decided to take advantage of the government handouts.  And I will be reporting her for fraud.

This young woman, who is perfectly capable of work, has gotten cash assistance on the welfare program.  This is not due to her being unable to work or needing help.  As a matter of fact, she had a job less than a month ago, but determined it was easier to live off my tax dollars.

To make matters worse, she reported that she is paying the utilities in the home she lives in, when in fact it is her grandmother who pays the bills.  So her cable she watches is free, her heating is free, her roof is free, and now we assume the burden of 400 dollars a month for her to buy expensive clothing, which she was bragging about last night.

I would have even been more ok if she was buying educational things for her daughter, or getting her daughter into a private school, but she chose Apple Bottom Jeans and Gucci sunglasses on our dime!  This is unacceptable, and not what the welfare program was ever intended for.

We need to reform the entitlement programs in this country, and I urge that all citizens that witness this sort of fraud be exposed for the leeches they are.


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