The immigration issues in this country have begun to spiral out of control.  There are reports of terrorists working with Mexican drug cartels at our southern border to come in for attacks on US soil, illegal immigrants are causing a huge burden on our taxpayers, and crime is increasing in our southern states like California and Arizona as a result.

It is time that we shut down the border, except through lawful channels, and keep people out who do not belong.  I believe that the promise of America is great, but one of the things I believe is required to have America’s great promise is that you must abide by the law.  I cannot tolerate the reports of social security numbers being stolen, tax refunds being sent to person that do not warrant them for legally rendered services, and I cannot tolerate seeing the money of our tax paying citizens paying for illegal immigrant’s doctor visits, schooling, welfare, and other government programs they are taking advantage of without legal status.

To effectively combat this situation, I plan on calling on Congress to do what we need to in order to keep our citizens safe.  We are going to erect a wall, we are going to put troops on the border, we are going to open up the federal land officers have been forbidden to patrol because of some plant.  I will be using some of the money saved in my economic plan to go towards more effective training and hiring of Border Patrol Agents, and making sure they have the most advanced technologies in their fight to keep our nation sovereign.

Anyone found crossing our border with a weapon will be considered as a person with the intent of armed incursion on US soil and will be shot by our military forces or Border Agents.  All persons not found armed will be escorted back to the Mexican border to be dealt with my the Mexican authorities.

We will also curb the flow of illegal drugs into our country by increasing our border security of our Northern border.  It is not just the border between Mexico and the United States that has been presenting us with problems of illegal immigration and drug trafficking.  We need to put our resources to work for us, and stop worrying about whose feelings are going to be hurt.  We cannot afford to be hurt ourselves by these people taking advantage of American citizens.

This is not an issue of race, this is an issue of American sovereignty!  We are the United States of America, and it is time to stop the free rides people are getting on our dime.

We also need to prosecute all employers of illegal immigrants, so that there is no incentive for them to hire.  When we find an undocumented worker in a field, that person needs to be fined, and if continued, placed in jail for violating the law.  We have the ability to check the status of a person’s ability to work legally in the United States, and the employers need to step up and help us stop this flow of illegals into our country.

We have federal laws in place that need to be enforced.  And when a state passes a law that is the best interest of the people in that state to curb illegal immigration, we must support them, not bring the case to be reviewed.  We need to look out for our citizens!

I am all for people entering into this country legally with the intent to help make America better by pursuing their own avenues of success and happiness.  We are a great nation that has the benefit of diversity, and it should stay that way.  I encourage people wishing to make it in the dream that is America come to our beautiful country and do what they can every day as an American to help make us the best place in the world to be.

With this plan we will be able to save billions of dollars in the long run by not paying for illegal immigrants to take advantage of our way of life, we will be able to stop a large portion of drugs entering our streets, we will be able to help curb the gang violence that plagues the streets of places like southern California and Arizona, and we will be able to keep our nation strong.

God Bless America, and God bless her people.


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