Our economy is unsustainable as it is.  We already know that both Democrats and Republicans have been spending their pants off, and it has been our money footing the bill for what I believe most Americans is a waste of their hard-earned money.  So what do we do about this?  Well, I would like to outline my plan to ensure job growth which will lower unemployment by virtue, lowering the taxes on business, really helping the American citizen out with their paycheck, spending cuts, a balanced budget, and eliminating waste.

Let’s start with my plan on taxes on the American people.  Now, eventually it is my dream to eliminate income tax all together, and push for the repeal of the 16th Amendment that allows the government into your wallet, but I am a realist and know that this currently isn’t possible.  What I want to do, is scrap that nasty tax code, that takes up over 80,000 pages, and requires so many departments in the IRS, because it’s all too much for any one person.

What we would be replacing it with would be my plan for giving the government a solid 10.  Ten percent income tax on all income, a national ten percent sales tax on goods, ten percent corporate tax, and ten percent capital gains.  Makes for really easy math and it keeps everyone on the same playing field.

In line with this new tax initiative, I would call for Congress to balance their budget.  If it means that government programs have to go, oh well.  We cannot continue to spend ourselves into oblivion.  On the administration end, I will immediately get rid of all the czar positions, who had no Congressional oversight in their selection, and no checks on what they are paid.

The next step I would take is to downsize the EPA.  The EPA is one of the greatest hinderance to business expansion.  I care about the environment, so they would make sure that toxic chemicals are not dumped into rivers and so forth.  I recognize that an agency to watch over our purple mountains majesty is something to have as an asset, but they should be downsized and limited to what they are going to enforce.

Along with the EPA being downsized, I would cut several of the departments that serve no purpose in the government.  The Department of Education would go away, since I believe education is something the states should handle; the Department of Energy, since I believe private industry will do a better job of modifying and inventing new energy technologies; the Department of Homeland Security, since we already have a military, FBI, NSA, CIA, and other agencies to keep us up to date with how to protect our citizens; and any other department that needs to be downsized or eliminated.  Unlike previous presidents expanding the powers and roles of the government, I would seek to remove as much of the government from the lives of our citizens, which will help save money and give us all some peace of mind.

I would eliminate the Federal Reserve, and have Congress do the job they are supposed to do as outlined in the Constitution.  Since their solution has been to print more money, and manipulate interest rates in a manner to keep America from have the ability to have a worthwhile dollar, they will be gone.

I would immediately direct that all foreign aid to countries who have corrupt governments, dictatorships, do no hold free elections, and speak out as enemies of America be stopped.  We are not going to dump billions of dollars a year to countries who are not in our best interest to even have as allies.

In with this, I would also direct that all money being borrowed be stopped.  We cannot keep America as a great nation if we owe massive debt to other countries.  It is impossible.  In an emergency we can borrow, just as if you are a family with an emergency credit card in case a tire blows on you vehicle, but we are not going to borrow money just to watch it go down the toilet.

We will also need to reform social security, welfare, and medicare in order to survive.  We waste trillions a year on people who are able to work, but refuse because it’s easier to mooch off someone else.  That will not fly in my America.  I know that you are tired of it as a people, and I know that it is something that must be done.  I will outline more on this specifically in another statement, because this reform of itself will taken pages to write.

So there you have it America.  A plan that is in your best interests.  A plan that ensures growth, stability, and a better America.  I hope that you will trust in me, and the ideas that I have.  As you can see, when it comes to our economy, I am not joking around, and I would take the job very seriously.

God Bless


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